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2017 Strong Power 55 Pound Fishing Boat Trolling Motor Saltwater


Currently in the robot reaction speed, accuracy, there is still a gap between domestic and foreign products. The key to solve this problem lies in the robot's core components - servo motor. The current rapid development of domestic robots, especially in the field of industrial robots. However, the robot's reaction speed, accuracy, there is still a gap between domestic and foreign products, then the key point is where? Below by the Huichuan servo motor official website for you to explain:

The key is the robot's core components - servo motor. Robot in operation, through the servo motor drive to achieve multi-degree of freedom of movement. If the movement of the robot speed, high precision, then the actual requirement is the servo motor response speed, control accuracy should be high enough.

In the actual operation of the robot, the servo motor is often in a variety of acceleration and deceleration, positive and negative state, then the servo motor short-term overload capacity, inertia to adapt to the scope of the frequency response bandwidth, speed / torque response time put forward very high Request.

One of the most important indicators is the frequency response bandwidth, which determines how fast the servo system responds to commands. This is an important concern for robot designers.

Servo motor frequency response bandwidth definition: Servo system can respond to the maximum sine wave frequency is the frequency response of the servo system bandwidth. Described in a more professional language is the frequency at which the amplitude-frequency response decays to -3 dB (-3 dB bandwidth) or the frequency at which the phase-frequency response lags 90 degrees.

More specifically, as the standard of the Ministry of Machinery, "General Conditions for AC Servo Drivers" (JBT10184-2000) specifies the test method of servo drive bandwidth: The driver inputs the sine wave speed command, the amplitude of which is 0.01 times of the rated speed command value, The frequency is gradually increased from 1Hz. The corresponding speed curve of the motor is recorded. With the increase of the sine frequency of the command, the phase lag of the sine wave curve of the motor speed gradually increases and the amplitude decreases gradually. The phase lag is increased to 90 degrees when the frequency of the servo system as a 90-degree phase shift bandwidth; amplitude reduced to 0.707 times the low-frequency frequency as the servo system -3dB bandwidth.

It can be said that the faster the frequency response bandwidth, the servo system can respond to faster changing instructions in time, even if the action of the industrial robot is complicated, and can respond promptly, and the position of each joint of the driving robot is controlled.

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